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What to Ask a Denver Window Installer before Hiring

Before you set up an in house appointment with a window installer, it is important that you "pre-screen" the installers over the phone. This will save you time and effort by eliminating choices from your first round of choices that don't measure up to your expectations.

Keep in mind that your first phone call to a window installer is the starting point of the sale for them. They are going to be needing information from you just as much as you are going to be needing information from them. The window installer is going to want to get some details about your project: location, number of windows, what type of window you are looking for, time line for your project etc. If they are able to help you with your project, they are also going to be trying to set the in house appointment during the call.

Remember that this phone call is YOUR fact finding mission not theirs. Be sure to answer their questions, but make sure they answer yours.

Questions to Ask a Window Installer

The list of questions below can be used during your initial phone conversation with the installation company. You do not have to use EVERY question, (you might scare off the contractor if you do) but it is strongly recommended that you ask the first six for sure. These six questions will tell you a lot about the company and how it functions. Questions 7-14 are more detail questions designed to feel out what you might expect to be included in the window proposal should you choose this contractor for an in house appointment.

1. How long have you been in the construction business? What is your specific experience with window installations?

2. Is there a specific window you use or recommend? Why?

3. Do you have your own installation crew or do you subcontract the work?

4. What are your payment terms?

5. Are you on site during the installation process?

6. How would I handle service issues after the installation is complete?

7. How long would a ten window installation project take you?

8. How do you finish out the interior of the windows after installation?

9. Do you offering painting as a part of your installation package?

10. Do you charge for an estimate?

11. What is your lead time from the time of ordering to installation?

12. What type of warranty do you offer on your installation in addition to the warranty on the windows?

13. Do you have any customer referrals?

14. Do you have any recent projects I can drive by to see how the windows look from the street?

Setting the Appointment

If you like the answers the installer provided you to your questions, go ahead and set up an appointment to have them come out and provide an estimate. They are still interviewing for the job, but if you like what you hear there is no sense in calling them back after you have heard everyone else.

If the installer did not pass your "pre-screen" interview simply thank them for their time and try to end the conversation. When I say "try" you need to remember that you are now a lead to this installer and they want to secure your business.

The installer will want to try and set up an in house appointment before they let you hang up. Remember: you are in charge. A simple "Thank you, I appreciate that, but I am not ready to pursue an appointment at this time. I will call back if I am ready to move forward with you".

Regardless of whether you set up an appointment, or choose not to set one up, you should ALWAYS ask questions to insure you get the results you want for your window replacement project.

Window Installation Video

I thought this was a good video demonstrating replacement window installation.

Getting Professional Help w/ Window Installation

Do you want to replace the windows in your home? If so, you will find that this is a great way to update the appearance of your home and of course save on energy bills. Windows are an important part of the home and having a professional help you with the installation is a good idea in most cases. Unless you have experience installing windows you will find that the window installation process is a lot more difficult than one would think. It is often not the level of difficulty but the time that is involved that has others thinking that professional window installation is a necessity for their home.

Why should you get professional help with window installation? First and foremost, the professionals know what they are doing and they can make much shorter work of the installation process than most people. In addition, they will get the windows installed correctly the first time and if they damage a window as it is going in, they are responsible for the loss. If you damage the window upon installation you will have to buy a new window!

A lot of the energy loss that is associated with windows is linked to how they were installed. If you install your windows properly you will get a much tighter seal and your energy bills will drop significantly. For this reason alone it simply makes sense to get professional help with window installation. Many people are worried about the cost of the labor associated with it, but like many other things you have to consider the benefits associated with the professional installation, which overshadows the cost of the labor that you may have to pay for the installation. Many people weigh the pros and cons and decide that professional window installation really is the best option for them.

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