Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reasons To Install Vinyl Windows And Garage Doors

In the '60s, '70s, and '80s and before this time the windows and doors that were installed in our homes were sometimes made of aluminum. This was thought to be the most cost effective as well as efficient material to make those things out of but as time has gone along we have learned that vinyl is essentially the way to go.

There are many benefits of using this material instead of aluminium and more homeowners are going this route when it is time to replace their old windows and garage doors.

The benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows And Garage Doors

One of the most typical reasons that folks choose vinyl window is perhaps because they look better. Many times the aluminium frames are painted and as they age the paint chips and it does not look very good in any way. With the vinyl products they come in uniform colors and with many various finishes and the look will last well into the future so you know that your windows will continue to look great.

With energy costs rising another good excuse to go this route is to form a more energy saving home. If you have aluminium windows you'll probably find that the heat and the cold comes right through the Denver windows, and when the wind blows your curtains or blinds may sway in the breeze! If you need to reduce the price of heating and cooling vinyl is the way to go. This kind of window offers the twin panes and even coating on the glass that may keep out UV rays.

One more reason to make this change is for security reasons. Chances are if you have older windows they can be tapped a number of times or knocked on and the locks will give way. With the replacement windows you can lock the windows and you know that they are going to stay this way.

Many home burglaries happen not through the particular breaking of a door or window, but simply working a lock open and crawling in through a window or door with flawed locks! Security is an important thing to think about when buying windows in Denver!

Noise reduction is another very common reason to pick these windows and garage doors rather than the aluminium variations. Vinyl options give you dual panes, which provide you with a barrier to all the noise outside of your home like the neighbor's dogs, the noisy birds, traffic, and naturally loud neighbours. You are going to be able to enjoy the comfort of your home without considering what is going outside, and isn't that what we all need when we are at home?

There are a lot of people out there which will tell you that you don't wish to have a garage door or windows made from this material, but overall you will find that there are more benefits than there are pitfalls.

In some climates you may realize that you have to pressure wash the surface to keep it free of mildew, but this is a tiny price to pay for the savings, security, and great look that you get from the product.

The Best Replacement Windows for Warm Climates

In warmer climates, the goal is to reduce the need for cooler air by protecting the indoors from warm summer days, and the heat and glare of sunlight. The U-factor is still important, as cool air should not be leaking through the window. In the south-central climate zone for example, a figure less than .35 would be fine. In the southern climate zone, Energy Star replacement windows can have a U-factor of up to .6.

SHGC is the most important figure in mild and warmer areas. It is important that the amount of heat, entering the home as sunlight, be minimal. In the south-central climate zone, this figure should be less than .3; in the southern zone, less than .27

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Energy Star Ratings for High Performance Windows

Why buy hi-performance Denver windows? Created with efficient design and top quality materials, having the most energy efficient windows installed can save large amounts of both energy and cash. According to the US Department of Energy, windows could be accountable for as much as ten to twenty-five % of energy costs. In cooler weather, the issue is the loss of heat energy, in hotter weather, the problem is solar heat entering the home. Energy Star ratings have provided consumers with a guide for purchasing the best Denver replacement windows possible for each climate zone.

Energy Star Standards for high-performance Windows

What makes Energy Star replacement windows different from superseded models? When a product comes with the Energy Star sticker, it is certain to have met specific tenets set by the office of Energy. Energy Star hi-performance windows are tested by the independent agency, the national Fenestration Rating Council to give each new model its explicit ratings.

Generally, these windows are made with at least two panes of glass. Having two, 3, or four panes of glass, either empty, or full of a non-poisonous gas like krypton, provides extra insulation. They must be created with fine quality framing material, such as fiberglass or vinyl. Energy Star windows are usually coated to reflect both infrared and ultraviolet light. This assists in keeping heat within in winter, and outside in the summer. They are also made with warm edge spacers to keep glass panes separated.

Energy Star Ratings

Hi-performance replacement windows are rated according to four different standards. The U-factor, the solar heat gain coefficient ( SHGC ), air leakage, and plain transmittance ( VT ). The first 2 are the first factors ; air leaking and VT are secondary, and don't have to be mentioned on all labels.

-U-factor explains the rate that non-solar heat flows thru the window. This figure reflects the overall performance, due to framing, coatings, and design. The most energy efficient windows have lower figures.
-SHGC represents the solar energy that enters the home through the window. Depending on geographic region, either a higher or lower number may be desirable.
-Air seepage represents the rate that air is able to flow around a product. A low number means a tighter, and more practical window.
-VT is the amount daylight which is visible to the human eye, that's transmitted thru the glass panes and glazing.

The Most Energy Efficient Windows in Cooler Climates

In cooler climates, the most energy efficient replacement windows will be those that keep the cold air outside and have minimum air leaking. The goal is to reduce the requirement for heat energy, by defending the indoors from cold winter air, and sealing in and absorbing warm air. This means that awfully low U-factor and air leaking figures on the Energy Star label are perfect. For example, in the northwards climate zone, the U-factor rating for hi-performance windows should be less than or equivalent to .3 ; in the north-central climate section, it should be less than or equivalent to .32. Similarly, the lowest air leakage figure indicates the greatest quality for cooler climates.

As the SHGC and VT have to do with daylight, both plain rays and heat energy, entering the home, a larger number might be desirable. As an example, in the northerly climate section, the SHGC should be greater than or equivalent to .35. Determine individual climate section by taking a look at the Energy Star informational website.