Sunday, October 19, 2008

Installing Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows in old homes is a great way for homeowners to save money on their energy bills. The old style single-pane windows are just that...a pain! They waste energy and require a lot of maintenance to look after them.

New windows are so much easier to maintain. Installing replacement windows in old homes usually involves replacing old wooden windows for the newer vinyl style. New types of windows are much more energy efficient and are usually almost maintenance free. In addition, they will operate without much difficulty for many years.

Installing replacement windows will usually not take very long if you have the right tools and the expertise. You can find replacement windows in many different shapes and styles. The most common material is vinyl. However, some uncommon materials used include wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Some windows include combinations of different materials such as an aluminum exterior and wood-grained vinyl on the interior.

Before you begin installing replacement windows, make sure you are getting a quality product. A good quality window will undergo a variety of tests by independent certification organizations. All the materials that are used must be of a high quality. Each manufactured window must follow the strict guidelines so that the window lasts for many years.

Installing replacement windows should involve the installation of Energy Star windows. If the window has the Energy Star label then it has passed a test to ensure that it meets the minimum standards needed for an energy efficient window. If you are not replacing your old windows with new ones that will save on your energy bill then that is not a wise investment.

If you plan on installing replacement windows yourself then it may be advisable to test the procedure on a small window in an inconspicuous area of the house. Like any home improvement job, measure all your measurements two or three times to ensure accuracy. Follow all the instructions and if you have any problems put the old window back in if you can and then hire a professional.

If you did not have any problem installing your first replacement window then go ahead and try some more. One of the most important steps in the installation process is to make sure that your window fits squarely into the frame.

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