Monday, December 1, 2008

Replacement Window Tips

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Replacement windows become necessary when your windows are damaged, especially with storm damage. Many people choose to replace a damaged window with a hurricane window, which is made with impact resistant glass. This makes for stronger windows, although when going through storm repair it is a good idea to keep shutters in mind. Replacement windows come in many types, including vinyl windows and wood. It is even possible to get an aluminum window.

Replacement windows are termed by the material that makes the frames and sashes. Vinyl replacement windows are made using PVC, for example. A hurricane window does not necessarily have a special material for its frame and sash, but it is distinguished by specially rated glass that is designed to resist impact and withstand high water pressure in the event of flooding. They do not often leak.

Choosing vinyl replacement windows
Because they are made from PVC, they are very energy efficient. They are also quite strong and require little maintenance. In fact, they can be cleaned with only water soap. Additionally, they do not chip, rust or blister. Nor do they warp, flake or swell. Because the frames and sashes are welded, they do a good job of minimizing leaks.

An aluminum window is much stronger, and is also durable and easy to maintain, but is a poor insulator, allowing for condensation and heat transfer. Wood, while very beautiful, is difficult to maintain. Without the proper protection, wood will crack, swell and warp. It is, however, an excellent insulator that rarely has problems with condensation. An interesting way to have wood windows is to use a clad window. The interior part of the window is wood, while the exterior is vinyl or aluminum. While this arrangement is not as beneficial as all aluminum or all vinyl, it is better than all wood, and can give your home a touch of elegance. Clad windows combine both worlds. There are many options when replacing windows as part of storm repair. No matter which type you use, you should always make sure you fully understand your needs before buying replacement windows.

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Some really great tips.

It's always important to check your windows to make sure that they do not need to be replaced. Older windows are responsible for a majority of your homes energy/heat loss so it's important to replace old windows with more energy efficient ones.