Monday, November 30, 2009

Should You Buy Anderson Windows

Are Andersen windows good windows? Yes they are. Andersen has a fine reputation in not only the new construction window business, but also in the replacement windows lines as well.

Will you pay more for Andersen windows? Most probably you will. Andersen commands usually the highest price in the market place for its windows, most likely because of its long standing reputation in the business as a premium window manufacturer.

Are Andersen windows the best windows available for you purpose? That question is open to a lot of subjective thought. It really depends on what your individual need is. Although Andersen windows are highly rated and industry recommended doesn't make them best for every need.

Many factors will need to be reviewed to determine which windows will be best for your particular need. Price for most people is usually a strong consideration, as is functionality and design. Andersen may not generally produce a window design that suits your need where as another manufacturer may have that very design and style as a readily available model.

It has been reported in recent years that Andersen windows hardware is not making the grade that it once did, and that other manufactures are scoring far better in fit and function in regards to hardware.

The Andersen Window Company might be a good choice for more reasons than Just quality windows. Price aside, the company has in recent years gone on a Green and Lean campaign. Which as we all know in our ever growing global crisis, the greener the better when it comes to environmental issues. They have spent considerable time and money doing research and development into ways of making their products more Eco friendly.

Andersen now employs a very long list of innovative strategies that allow it to better utilize the raw materials that are processed in its facilities there by reducing waist and cutting back on processing energy usage. Most major manufactures of any kind have adopted such plans, but Andersen has taken them several steps further and created an entire line of window products that are manufactured with a large percentage of recycled materials.

The "Renewal by Andersen" branded products are made from a composite material that blends the best attributes of thermoplastics and wood fibers. Although much of the material is reclaimed directly from the company's manufacturing plant operations, to maintain the touted Green Seal certification that the company uses to promote the products with, there must be a verifiable amount of reclaimed material used in the production.

The one thing that I see as an issue is that the windows do not contain any post-consumer recycled content. Still all in all, the company is moving in the right direction, using material once discarded as waste to manufacture its products is a step in the right direction. Now if they could find a way to make that same product from post-consumer recycled content then we could all stand up and cheer the company on.

I have seen in places where sales people, using high pressure sales tactics have duped people into sales contracts that have cost them a bundle, but I don't believe that this is directly related to the Anderson Window Company but rather to unscrupulous dealers who are most likely acting outside of the approved corporate sales design model.

Robert Greenlee is a freelance author who writes for various web blogs and sites promoting green solutions for many of today's problems that face our planet's ecology.

Greenlee has been a proponent of Green living for over 4 decades participating in numerous Green day events and promoting Green living when ever and where ever he can. Robert Greenlee is a frequent contributor on New Replacement Windows and also Green Fuel Planet

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