Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Maintenance of Vinyal Windows & Doors

Vinyl windows increase a person's home value and home appearance. It can be cleaned very quickly. But, however, proper maintenance of vinyl windows is necessary as it becomes dirty quickly. With the help of heavy rain, the windows in Denver can be cleaned very quickly. But if even after that the windows are not cleaned the following instructions can clean them. Always wash the window with the help of a soft cloth or a soft brush. Sometimes it may be difficult to remove stains such as crayon, felt pens, lipstick, bubblegum so cleansers can be used to remove stains very quickly. Do not use cleansers such as nail polish remover, furniture polish as it could damage the surface appearance of the vinyl windows and doors.

Remove all the stickers and labels with the help of a soft cloth. Try to avoid high pressure spray to clean the windows. Do not use blades, knife to clean the doors and windows as their might be scratches. Roller can be cleaned once in 6 months. To clean it first use the vacuum cleaner to take out the loose material, then use a cloth and water and a dish wash liquid to finish the cleaning. Proper maintenance of weep system is required to assure proper drainage. Water can be filled up in sill or track. It should be cleaned regularly to avoid dust. A soft bottle brush can be used to clear the openings. Casement window should be cleaned regularly. To clean this use a soft cloth soaked in water with a dish washing liquid.

Due to UV rays from the sun, your Denver windows and doors may be worn out in order to avoid this repaint and re-caulk should be done every year. Try to clean the brass hardware on the window with the help of a soft cotton cloth. Clean the window track regularly otherwise dust will build up and it may become harder to open them. The screens should also be cleaned regularly to avoid bugs to enter. To clean the screen soak them in a tub full of water and then clean it with a garden hose. This may increase the screen life.

Condensation means the fog that can be seen on the glass of your Denver windows. It happens because of high humidity in the house. It generally appears as moisture on the glass of the window. If moisture is seen on the windows it is because of high humidity at home. When the interior temperature of the house is 70 degrees the inside humidity should be according to the outside temperature. When the outside temperature is -20 degrees and below the inside humidity can be 15 percent. When the outside temperature is 10 F to 0 F the inside humidity can be 30 percent. Considering the outside temperature the inside humidity has to be adjusted. Humidity can be reduced by opening the curtains everyday so that the house air can enter the window. Let air circulate in the bathroom, kitchen everyday so that there could be less humidity. Try to keep the humidity level of the house under control with the help of a humidifier. Keep in mind that items such as clothes exhaust fans, gas heaters are vented properly.

I hope these tips for maintaining your vinyl windows and vinyl doors has been helpful. Remember, if you do not keep up with cleaning these products, they will not last as long.

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